Everyone Needs Milk


The Dairy Processing Investment Fund is a five year (2017-2021) Canadian government grant providing funding to dairy processors who invest in areas that improve productivity and competitiveness. This includes equipment and infrastructure needed to compete on a global level.

  • Amount: Up to 50% of costs to a max of $10M for capital expenditure projects and $250,000 for access to expertise.
  • Timeline: Continuous intake of funding applications until March 31, 2021 or until funds have been fully allocated.
  • Eligibility: Canadian dairy processors, including cheese makers. Non-profits/co-operatives can apply if involved in the dairy processing sector.
  • Project Types: Technology development or adoption to make use of surplus skim milk, or improving a facility‚Äôs capacity to use milk/components by 1.6% above market forecast growth.

Top Dairy Processing Investment Fund (DPIF) Resources:

  • Dairy Processing Investment Fund Overview: Learn more about the Dairy Processing Investment Fund, including how much funding can be awarded to projects, which projects and dairy processors are eligible, and how to apply.